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    Game Art
    For next Gen 3 ^ 4
    PC ¦ Consoles ¦ Mobiles devices
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    Thumbnails ^ Sketches
    Characters ^ Creatures
    Props ^ Environments
    Character setup ^ Animation
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    concept artists
    for inspiring your
    3D art productions
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    Talented Art team
    managed by experienced
    Lead artist ^ Art Director
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Plan.B Studio is a respected 3D Outsourcing vendor in Game industry
With over 10 years experience, we provide best-of-breed 3D Art for top studios and indie developers.

We work with the best graphic tools to produce the more efficient

We can handle anything from concept to 3D production:

Our Art team is a pool of talented worldwide veteran Artists. We all worked in AAA studios ^ projects and now we joined our skills and experience to provide efficient ^ great Art outsourcing services.
Our team is professional, responsive, and adaptable to your needs. Our services is based on nice, clean and optimized models delivery.

All productions are supervised by our experienced lead artists and art directors. With a minimum of feedback/reviews, our process is particularly appreciated by our clients
Our artists are well versed in all main 3D softwares, Z-Brush and a variety of development tools.
We use the most efficient tools for creating realistic normal maps ^ PBR shaders.

Our services fit perfectly for INDIE DEVELOPERS and project as MMO/RPG...



We work with talented Hard-surface ¦ Prop artists ^ Shaders ¦ Textures artists to provide environment artwork or assets ^ props models (Landscapes, vegetation, assets/props, weapons, buildings etc...)

High Poly modeling ¦ Sculpting ¦ In Game model ¦ Shaders ¦ Textures

We use calibrated PBR library for Physically Base Materials (RGB/sRGB)


We work with talented sculpt/character artists ^ shaders/textures artists to provide great models (Humans, Creatures, robots, Animals, multipeds etc...). We provide the lastest terms of technology as well as creativity.

High Poly modeling ¦ Sculpting ¦ In Game model ¦ Shaders ¦ Textures

We use calibrated PBR library for Physically Base Materials (RGB/sRGB)


We work with very talented ^ creative concepts artists to create simulating Thumbnails ¦ Sketches ¦ Concepts for inspiring your 3D art productions. From the exploratory thumbnails and functional designs to the creation of solid illustrations to show the moods and compositions.

From a basic description of the environment, we can create a large and creative world: Landscapes, vegetation, characters, creatures, assets, weapons, buildings etc...


We can provide high quality handmade animation. We are committed to superior artistic outcome and excellent productivity. Whether based on mocap recordings or starting from scratch, our animation team creates beautiful animations for lifelike characters and imaginary creatures. We bring models to life (machines, animals, fantasy creatures, and special characteristics like cartoonish or heroic movements etc...)

Our focus is 100% on keyframe animation. This leads to a high-level of specialization in the art of bringing to life believable characters.


We offer one of the best Quality / Price ratio on the market


Art production does not start until an Art Director has made sure that we have gathered the appropriate reference material and the team has understood the style and technical constraints.
We focus very strongly on pre-production and making sure that our team and yours are set up for success from the very beginning.

Each step of our process is assigned to a talented artist:
Concept artist ¦ Organic sculpt artist ¦ Characters artist ¦ Hard surface/Props artist ¦ Texture artist ¦ Shading artist ¦ Rigger ¦ Animator

Our services allow your in-house creative teams more time and energy to devote to intriguing Design, creative solutions and R^D while reducing development costs and improving production efficiency.




You want to know more about our services?
You have any questions about our:
Availability ¦ Project management ¦ Communication ¦ Feedback process ¦ Price etc...

You are interested in working with us?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch!!!
We will get back to you within 2 working days at the latest

PlanB Studio comes with a project planner


You can also contact us directly at contact@planBstudio.co

Privacy Policy: We will never share your information with anyone. We will only contact you with regards to your enquiry.

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